Own Your Worth Mentorship



Own Your Worth Mentorship


For years, you have held on closely to an inner dream and vision of your ideal love and life.








You have been given that dream and vision for a reason. It’s a glimpse of your destiny. And your destiny is your natural birthright.


Your ability to attract EXACTLY what you desire in life is powerful and limitless.


The truth is, there is




to have the love & life you’ve always imagined.


If you are reading this, you most likely have a deep desire to manifest your dreams into reality, but keep running into roadblocks. You know they are present, but you aren’t sure exactly what they are or how to overcome them.


These roadblocks show up as:

    • Not giving yourself permission to put yourself and your needs first 


    • Feeling like you need to work harder or prove your worth 


    • Having trouble saying “no” or creating boundaries that allow you to feel fulfilled 


    • Not leaving relationships when you know they are no longer serving your highest good 


    • Feeling like you need to be fixed or something is wrong with you


    • Not feeling worthy of allowing yourself to have EXACTLY what you know you deserve in love & life


Even with all the roadblocks, there is still hope inside you. An inner push and desire to make your dreams a reality.


And that is exactly why you are here right now. 


The Own Your Worth mentorship program is the solution to help you make striving and hard work a thing of the past and step into the energy of easily attracting everything you desire.


During this one-on-one private mentorship, you’ll learn how to 




so you can make your ultimate

relationship and life reality.


My own feelings of unworthiness, doubt, guilt and the need for approval caused intense anxiety and caused me to manifest experiences that reflected how much lack and limitation I felt in my life. 


It was when I made some very important energetic internal shifts that I began to easily manifest my deepest desires without working hard.


I can help you gain clarity, provide guidance, motivation, skills and the practical tools you need to energetically shift and start to attract the things that reflect your true worth.


Now is your time to bring your inner vision to life. Now is your time to experience the type of love you deserve, experience wealth and abundance and take care of and love your true self like never before. Your destiny awaits you!


If these words speak to you, now is the time to take action!


So many people struggle for their entire lives because they feel anxious, unworthy and too afraid to honor the truth inside them. It’s not the lucky ones who live out their dreams. It’s the ones that listen and gather the courage to align with and honor the truth inside them.



Own Your Worth Mentorship Objectives


~ Create clarity on the highest vision of your relationships and life so you can effortlessly attract the love & life you desire;


~ Create the confidence, motivation, belief in yourself and support you need on your journey to transform your relationships and life;


~ Fully understand how your past has served to direct you towards your ideal love and life and how to use this knowledge as your personal super-power to fulfill your destiny.


~ Break the pattern of guilt that often looks like approval seeking, hiding your true voice working hard and not putting yourself and your need first;


~ Create a personal foundation of high vibrating energy based on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength to stay on track through the inevitable obstacles and periods of uncertainty; and


~ Help you fulfill your ultimate destiny by using your natural powers to attract the love & life you desire.



The Mentorship Process


Together we work through a 6-part process to tap into your deepest desires and attract them into your reality by uncovering, loving and honoring your inner truth.






What You Will Receive


To complete this mentorship program and fully extract all it has to offer takes 12 weeks.


The Own Your Worth Mentorship includes the following:


  • (6) 60-minute sessions every other week
  • Private access to me via email 2 times per week with a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Weekly exercises and worksheets tailored to your specific needs
  • (2) Bonus sessions for mentees who pay in full




My Personal Guarantee


I am personally committed to the success of helping you align to and honor your inner truth so you can effortlessly attract the love and life you know you deserve. 


If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your experience at any time, I will gladly offer you a pro-rated refund based on the remaining sessions in your package.



Apply for Mentorship


Because of the personal and intensive nature of the mentorship, I can only work with a few clients at a time.


I work with those who are seriously dedicated and ready to love and honor their truth to reach their full potential in life. Therefore, I am selective about my one-on-one clients.


I also want to make sure this is the best decision for you as well. 


To schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if we are a good fit, please fill out the application below.


I will be in contact within 24-48 business hours.


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