Own Your Worth Program



For years, you have held on closely to an inner vision of 




You see people who attract these things effortlessly into their lives and you want to know how they do it.


The truth is you have been given that vision for a reason and you can attract anything you desire easily and effortlessly once you are energetically aligned.


Because your vision is a 




And your destiny is your birthright.


But every time you try to breakthrough to the next level of love, wealth and abundance, you keep getting knocked off your feet. All of the chaos, wrong turns and disappointments have left you full of shame, feeling unworthy and consumed by anxiety. 

You know deep down YOU ARE WORTHY of more but you can’t seem to put the pieces together to create the breakthrough you so desire.


You know there are roadblocks, but you aren’t sure exactly what they are or how to overcome them.


What is Own Your Worth?

Own Your Worth is a 6 module training for the mind, body and soul that helps you step-by-step create relationships, finances and a life of ease, luxury and abundance.


It’s a journey that starts with you feeling frustrated, confused and lacking energy around your deepest desires combined with a deep knowing there’s more to finances, love and life than you are currently are experiencing.


It ends with you feeling lighter, happier, extremely clear, full of passion and energy plus gives you the insights and tools you need to continuously up-level your relationships, wealth and abundance time and time again.  


This program takes place online with direct access to a 6-week digital program, a community of like-minded, supportive people who are going through the same journey because profound energetic shifts happen much faster when there is more than one person working towards the same goal.


This program includes everything I know about how to create the finances, relationships and the life you desire with confidence and clarity so you can take inspired action and tap into your own inner knowing to effortlessly attract all that is so rightfully yours.


This program includes a powerful combination of training techniques based on psychology, life coaching, energy healing & spiritual practices to help set you up for success.


Those who have completed program are still telling me how this program has transformed their life:












Are you ready for results like this?


Join me to learn how shift your energy to tap into your personal power and effortlessly attract the life you were meant to lead. 


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Tanner’s program allowed me the space and time to consider my true feelings, thoughts and desires. Through her encouragement of the written word, new realities opened up for me and allowed me to see and put into action the wonderful possibilities for my business & life!

~Donna C.


This is life changing stuff! I usually reserve that phrase for wine and meals, but really, this changes how you evaluate what you do and why you do it!

~ Katy H.


Regal Rituals: Creating Luxury Routines

You know you are being called into something greater for your life.

So often we give up on the larger vision for our lives, put our true destiny on the back burner and settle for less than we truly desire.

In this module, you will be led through how to create detailed clarity about your dreams so you can finally get them in front of you instead of floating around in your head. Then you’ll take these dreams and use daily rituals to call in the energy you need to make them real.


You Will Learn:

 • How creating a solid “blueprint” for the life of your dreams based on the 9 major areas you need to master to reach your full potential.

Why and how your blueprint will help you stay on track when doubt and fear emerge to distract you

  • How to make your vision reality by using daily rituals and energetic “tricks” to allow you to believe you are already living the life of your dreams.

After Module 1 You Will:

• Feel crystal clear and confident about what you want from your ideal life. 

• Have the focus and daily support of rituals that will help you reach all your goals.


  • A more positive and focused outlook that will keep you strong as you begin to release your subconscious blocks



Claim Your Kingdom: Speaking Your Truth

To speak your truth is the most powerful step you can take to own your worth and attract your desires. 

When you are energetically aligned with your truth you can be heard without the difficulty you have faced of people understanding and accepting you. 

In this module, you will learn how to release the fear, frustration, doubt and anxiety around speaking your truth so you can find “your voice” and finally be accepted and understood in the world. 


You Will Learn:

• A technique called tapping or the emotional freedom technique that will help you release the energetic charge that keeps you from being heard, understood and your gifts being valued in the world.

• What your chakras and especially clearing the throat chakra has to do with finding your voice and why it’s essential to manifesting your desires

After Module 2 You Will:

• Have a deep understanding of why you have had issues manifesting your desires in the past

• Have the tools and skills to align your energy so you are seen and heard and can finally manifest & make the impact you desire in the world

  • Notice a shift in your relationships where people have more respect, understanding and acceptance for you and your thoughts and beliefs



Noble Compassion: The Art of Forgiveness

You know you have painful memories from the past you still carry with you energetically that hold you back from your full potential. 

These memories cause you to feel anger, resentment, sadness and pain because you weren’t true to yourself in the moment. 

In this module, you will practice the art of forgiveness while learning how to redesign your relationship with guilt.


You Will Learn:

 • Exactly where you are holding onto negative emotions that are keeping you repeating the same patterns.

• How and why guilt are the root of your negative emotions and how to shift your relationship with guilt so it no longer runs your life.

After Module 3 You Will:

• Feel free from resentments, anger and sadness from the past.

• You will gain energy, insight and clarity to propel you forward

• Begin to transform your relationship with guilt to create the freedom to be more true to yourself in the moment.



Majestic Wisdom: Listening To Your Intuition

You already know deep down that you must truly love and honor your worth to create the life of your dreams but there is fear around listening to your intuition and changing your behavior to honor on the outside what you already know you are worth on the inside.

Despite the fear, you are determined to take courageous action to honor your worth in your outside world.

In this module, you will learn how to bravely listen to your intuition by cultivating self-acceptance for your true self, and learning how to discern what is best for you and how to set personal boundaries so you can truly honor your worth and full potential. 


You Will Learn:

How to tap into your inner truth and cultivate more self-acceptance to start to create quick change and step into your personal power.


• As a human, you have your own unique personal set of needs that must be honored to create fulfillment, happiness and confidence in life. Learn how to listen and trust your body to discern your inner truth so you can set and maintain personal boundaries that support your personal journey.

After Module 4 You Will:

• Uncover and accept all parts of you to allow you to fully love and honor your worth.

Have the skills and confidence to discern what is best for YOU and maintain personal boundaries to best keep you energized and fulfilled.


Honor Your Palace: Nourishing Your Body

You want more energy and confidence to fuel actions towards your passion, but its just lacking.

You are ready to learn how to cultivate your maximum potential for energy and confidence through using your intuition to create the best nutrition, exercise and self-care practices for you. 

In this module, you will learn the best ways to cultivate lasting energy and confidence through taking care of your body and soul through your intuition.


You Will Learn:

 • The underlying root of rock-solid confidence is self-care. Many of us get caught up in trying to make other people happy, often forgetting that we must take care of ourselves first before we can give to others. Learn ways to incorporate more self-care into your everyday life to assure you have the energy to take care of yourself, your dreams and those who you love.

 • The best way to ignite and maintain energy is to become the most confident version of yourself. Get the full breakdown on how to use your intuition to find the nutrition and exercise practices that are vital to your physical and mental well-being. 

After Module 5 You Will:

• Have the basic knowledge on how to best serve your body through intuitive nutrition and exercise practices.

• Feel stronger, more energetic and vibrant because you have finally put yourself and your needs first.

• Have a deep knowing and confidence that you can achieve anything you desire.


Live Like Royalty: Receiving Your Worth

You think about your dreams and you feel excitement but also the shame of past failures & the fear of what will happen when you do manifest your dreams.

But you know you are ready to let go of the feelings of scarcity and be confident in your inherit worthiness to receive all you desire.

In this module, you will learn how to receive your next level of abundance by letting go of the shame of past failures, releasing the fear of incoming success and feelings of scarcity and stepping into the energy of who you want to become.


You Will Learn:

  • How to release shame about past failures and open yourself to the next level of abundance you desire.

 • How to uncover and release your own personal fears around success and watch the magic unfold.

• About the hidden fears you have around scarcity, lack and limitation, so you can shift these beliefs and allow your destiny to effortlessly unfold.

  • Learn how to and why it’s vital to step into the energy of who you want to become before you can attract it.

After Module 6 You Will:

• Freedom from the subconscious nagging fears around scarcity so you can energetically open yourself up to more abundance.

• Have released yourself from the trap of internal blame and criticism that keeps you stuck.

• Let go of your fears around success and be able to give, receive and attract the life you desire in a much easier, effortless and stressful way than ever before.

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Installments (2 payments over 2 months)


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Tanner Kennedy, Life Transformation StrategistFacilitated By:


Tanner Kennedy is an Intuitive Life Transformation Strategist and creator of the Own Your Worth program.

She helps men & women create lives of luxury and ease to help them attract love, wealth, abundance and joy. After years of dissatisfaction and hiding her true self and desires, she finally said enough was enough and made a choice to learn to live and love another way.

Tanner has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stetson University and a certification as a Relationship and Life Coach from the Relationship Coaching Institute. She has also been featured in The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and The Good Men Project.